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Télécharger Notepad++ 6.4.4

You might want to try it on line before downloading it. (JVM is required)


Release Date: 2013-08-08


Notepad++ v6.4.4 new features and bug fixes:

  1. Fix a crash issue while there's missing tag in functionList.xml.
  2. Fix UTF-8 (w/o BOM) detection bug.
  3. Fix line numbers space problem while folding.
  4. Fix opening file in Notepad++ makes Aero-snapped cancelled.
  5. Change behaviour: statusbar reports the number of selected characters instead of number of bytes now.
  6. Add "close all tab to left" and "close all tab to right" features.
  7. Add direct access to the tab feature (Ctrl + NumPad).
  8. Fix macro replaying crash issue.
  9. Add insert blank line above/below the current line feature(Ctrl+Alt+Enter/Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Enter respectively).
  10. Add selection between matching braces feature.
  11. Fix opening file problem from the network drive.
  12. Fix C++ class (*.h) parsing problem in function list while there is comment on the beginning of document.
  13. Enhance function list's C/C++ parser.