• Hello, @jeff-caldwell and All,

    Of course, Jeff, your on-line tool, to merge two lists, with same number of elements, works fine !

    But, as I’m “mad” about regular expressions, I just tried, as an holiday's exercise ( Indeed, I’m on holidays ! ) to find out a way to merge two identical lists, with a regex Search/Replacement

    We’ll just need to extra symbols, which are not found in your two original lists. I chose the # and @ symbols

    So, for instance, copy/paste the list of the 20 most common family names, in United Kingdom, below, in a new tab :

    Smith Jones Taylor Brown Williams Wilson Johnson Davies Robinson Wright Thompson Evans Walker White Roberts Green Hall Wood Jackson Clarke

    And copy/paste the list of the 20 most common given names ( 10 male / 10 female ), in United Kingdom, after the first list and possible blank lines :

    Oliver Amelia Jack Olivia Harry Emily George Isla Charlie Ava Jacob Jessica Thomas Ella Noah Isabella William Poppy Oscar Mia

    We, first, add :

    A # symbol, in front of any line, containing a family name

    A @ symbol, in front of any line, containing a given name

    NOTE : This may be done, using the N++ column mode feature OR the simple regex ( SEARCH ^ and REPLACE # ( or @ )

    Thus, we obtain the complete list, below :

    #Smith #Jones #Taylor #Brown #Williams #Wilson #Johnson #Davies #Robinson #Wright #Thompson #Evans #Walker #White #Roberts #Green #Hall #Wood #Jackson #Clarke @Oliver @Amelia @Jack @Olivia @Harry @Emily @George @Isla @Charlie @Ava @Jacob @Jessica @Thomas @Ella @Noah @Isabella @William @Poppy @Oscar @Mia

    Now :

    Move back to the beginning of the first list, or on a blank line, above

    Open the Replace dialog ( CTRL + H )

    Type the regex (?-s)^#(.+)\R(?s)(.*?)@(?-s)(.+\R?), in the Find what: zone

    Type the regex \1 \3\2, in the Replace with: zone, with a space character, after \1

    Select the Regular expression search mode

    Press, repeatedly, on the ALT + A shortcut ( idem. Replace All button ), till no other occurrence can be found

    Et voilà !

    After 20 Replace All actions, you should get the expected list :

    Smith Oliver Jones Amelia Taylor Jack Brown Olivia Williams Harry Wilson Emily Johnson George Davies Isla Robinson Charlie Wright Ava Thompson Jacob Evans Jessica Walker Thomas White Ella Roberts Noah Green Isabella Hall William Wood Poppy Jackson Oscar Clarke Mia

    Best Regards,


    P.S. : The family and given names lists, above, are extracted from the two addresses, below :



  • @Jonathan-H

    Choosing yourself to put ads in your software is one thing. Having it chosen for you is totally different. You can still use the PluginManager you just have to install it manually first.


    Not sure if you’ve been following the recent Scintilla development but v3.7.6 is a long term release branch before the v4.0+ moves to a much newer C++ compiler (i.e. MSVC 2017). Depending on future development plans of Notepad++ this might be something to keep in mind.

  • Russian for 7.5

  • Hello, @yasser-hhalil and @scott-sumner,

    Sorry, I’m not very reactive, cause I’m on holidays, in North Brittany, with my two sisters and their husbands. What to say ? We make a cure of seafood : cockles, periwinkles, clams, lobsters, crabs and even octopus ! To sum up : the Paradise ;-))Since one week, weather was quite fine, here, but today it was raining. So, I’m back to N++ and the Community, for a while !!

    Ah, @scott-sumner, very clever regex, found by Alin Purcaru, on Stackoverflow site !

    To complete this topic, let’s suppose we want to find all lines with the five first-names : jack, james, jason, jules and Joe

    Here are, below, four regexes, from the more restrictive behaviour to the less restrictive behaviour :

    In regex A, rhe five first-names must be true words, in the exact lower case

    In regex B, rhe five first-names must be true words, whatever their case

    In regex C, rhe five first-names may be glued in bigger words, but with their exact lower case

    In regex D, rhe five first-names may be glued in bigger words, whatever their case

    So :

    Regex A = (?-is)^(?=.*\bjack\b)(?=.*\bjames\b)(?=.*\bjason\b)(?=.*\bjules\b)(?=.*\bjoe\b).*

    Regex B = (?i-s)^(?=.*\bjack\b)(?=.*\bjames\b)(?=.*\bjason\b)(?=.*\bjules\b)(?=.*\bjoe\b).*

    Regex C = (?-is)^(?=.*jack)(?=.*james)(?=.*jason)(?=.*jules)(?=.*joe).*

    Regex D = (?i-s)^(?=.*jack)(?=.*james)(?=.*jason)(?=.*jules)(?=.*joe).*

    Notes :

    As usual, the Regular expression search mode must be checked !

    The initial modifiers force the search to be sensitive / insensitive ( -i / i ) to case, and also means that dot matches a single standard character only ( -s )

    The ^ assertion, stands for the location beginning of line, where starts the test of the following features ( look-arounds )

    Each form (?.*......) is a positive look-around, a condition which must be verified to get an overall match

    If all conditions are true, the final regex is simply ^.*, so all contents of the line, from its beginning

    Then, if you copy/paste the following lines, in a new tab :

    01 james 02 jason 03 joe 04 james and jack 05 jason and jules 06 jack, jason and joe 07 peter, joe, jack, james and jules 08 peter, jack, james, jason, jules and joe 09 james, joe, jason, jules, jack and margaret 10 peter, jules, james, jack, jason, joe and margaret 11 joe, jules, jason, james and jack 12 jAMes 13 jASon 14 jOE 15 jAMes and JAck 16 jASon and JUles 17 jACk, jASOn and joe 18 pETer, JOE, jack, jaMEs and JUles 19 pETer, JACk, james, JAson, jULes and joe 20 jAMes, JOE, jason, jULes, jaCK and margaret 21 pETer, JULes, james, Jack, jASon, jOE and margaret 22 jOE, juLES, jason, jAMes and Jack 23 james 24 jason 25 joe 26 james and jack 27 jason and jules 28 jack, jason and joe 29 peter, 12joe34, jack, 56james78 and jules 30 peter, 12jack34, james, 56jason78, jules and joe 31 james, 12joe34, jason, 56jules78, jack and margaret 32 peter, 12jules34, james, 56jack78, jason, joe and margaret 33 joe, 12jules34, jason, 56james78 and jack 34 jAMes 35 jASon 36 jOE 37 jAMes and 12jack34 38 jASon and jules 39 jACk, 12jASOn34 and joe 40 pETer, 12JOE34, jack, 56jaMEs78 and JUles 41 pETer, 12JACk34, james, 56JAson78, jULes and 90joe12 42 jAMes, 12JOE34, jason, 56jULes78, jaCK and margaret 43 pETer, 12JULes34, james, 56Jack78, jASon, 90joe12 and margaret 44 jOE, 12juLES34, jason, 56jAMes78 and 90Jack12

    You’ll easily notice that :

    Regex A matches lines from 8 to 11

    Regex B matches lines from 8 to 11 and from 19 to 22

    Regex C matches lines from 8 to 11 and from 30 to 33

    Regex D matches lines from 8 to 11, from 19 to 22, from 30 to 33 and from 41 to 44

    Now, from an already saved file, once you’ve got the results, in the Find Result panel, after clicking on the Find All in Current Document button, using one of regexes, above, you may, also, search for each individual first-name :

    Right-click in the Find result panel

    Select the Find in this finder… option

    Now, in the new Find in finder dialog :

    Type a first-name, for instance jack, in the Find what: zone

    Check the Search only on found lines option

    Uncheck the two options Match whole word only and Match case

    Select, if necessary, the Normal search mode

    Click on the Find all button

    => A new Find resul tab is created and displays any occurrence of the string jack, found in the lines of the Find result panel, only !

    Repeat these steps, changing for an other first-name, to get 5 Find resul tabs, all using the Line Filter Mode of search !

    IMPORTANT : If the Find result panel contains results, from a non-saved file ( with new # name ), the context option Find in this filder… does NOT seem to work ! I’ll add a post to @don-ho, to that purpose, very soon !

    Best Regards,


  • I have started using sublime text, it is very nice and no such errors i would recommend you to use it too, it has never disappointed me as notepad++

  • hi Jari ,
    you seem quite aware of this FX plugin - I m looking for such a plugin which would be able to :
    find all the same strings, and choose to keep only one of each different string.

    example : birds are here … birds are here … kkskoreeoo dogs are barking
    birds are here dogs are barking

    and i would like to have after the plugin action :
    birds are here … kkskoreeoo dogs are barking

    Is that possible ?

    thanks for your help–


  • I see. Thanks.

  • @glennfromiowa said:

    …(Replace) In-selection box, I’ve noticed it sometimes gets unchecked…

    It will get unchecked (and disabled) anytime the Replace dialog is opened/activated and there is no selected text in the editor tab that is currently active. It will also get unchecked (and disabled) if there is a column-selection active in the editor tab that is currently active when Replace is invoked.

    If multi-select is enabled and multiple selections are active, there is nothing odd about the in-selection checkbox’s behavior, but if a replace-all is attempted under these conditions (with the in-selection checkbox checked), only the most recent of the multi-selected areas is effected!

  • I had the same problem going on for some time now. I ended up coding within remote desktop, directly on the server instead over my workgroup internal LAN connection. Somehow that made it stop / or almost stop. Not ideal, but this was a workaround.

  • @kingbt

    I’ve got to agree with @Alan-Kilborn – that has absolutely nothing to do with Notepad++.

  • Never mind. I found the setting I needed.

  • @Megan-Butler Also, despite the fact that Plugin Manager is no longer installed with Notepad++, it can still be downloaded here:

  • First, you are using the term session exactly as I understand it: a group of files open in an instance of Notepad++, extending to cursor placement, backup paths, even folding, and marking styles if those are used. Take a look at %appdata%\Notepad++\session.xml to see what is saved in a session. If you’re looking at it in Notepad++, it’s generally recommended to not change it and to not have it open when closing Notepad++.

    You may want to check out some pages from the Wiki. I don’t think it’s being actively updated anymore, but most information is still valid.
    How to store and retrieve sets of files as they were opened in Notepad++
    Notepad++'s configuration files

    The files may vary from installation to installation, depending on customizations, settings, etc., but below is a pretty representative set. Notice that the session.xml file is on the local drive. As an example of what gets synced through:

    cloud folder

    backup (folder) config.xml contextMenu.xml langs.xml shortcuts.xml stylers.xml userDefineLang.xml

    Local appdata folder

    cloud (folder) plugins (folder) functionList.xml session.xml XMLToolsExt.ini

    You should be able to enter “%appdata%\Notepad++” in the address bar in Windows Explorer to get to the AppData folder.

    Last weekend, I actually tried syncing some files from my work computer to my home computer. Since my work computer had a path of C:\Users<firstinitial><lastname>\Google Drive… and my home computer had a path of C:\Users<firstname> <lastname>\Google Drive… I wasn’t able to get it to work. I could manually open up the files in my Google Drive\backup\ folder, but the session didn’t automatically restore. Interestingly, when I returned to work, the new x files in my session did not open up for some reason. When I looked at the session.xml file, I could see the backup path for them and was able to restore them, but there must have been some small detail that it couldn’t resolve, so it just failed to re-open those files. If I were to try it again, I’d save the session manually at work (using File -> Save Session), and try opening that up at home.

    As far as plugins, those are installed individually, so, for example, I could have the settings for Compare saved in an accessible file, but if I don’t have Compare installed on the other computer, it wouldn’t even know to look for the settings. I haven’t tried this, but you may be onto something with installing Notepad++ as a portable app. You can download the zip file and just expand that in a cloud folder.

    Or you might be able to install it to a cloud folder. I know when installing, it has some options:

    Don’t use %APPDATA% - Enable this option to make Notepad++ load/write the configuration files from/to its install directory. Check it if you use Notepad++ in a USB device. Allow plugins to be loaded from %APPDATA%\notepad++\plugins It could cause a security issue. Turn it on if you know what you’re doing.

    I’m not sure what happens if you check both of those options - would it load plugins from the USB (or cloud) device? Also, I’d want some more info about the security issue mentioned. But I don’t have info on that.

  • Latest version is https://github.com/bruderstein/nppPluginManager/releases/tag/v1.4.9 and working fine, but will not be bundled with N++, see RN for version 7.5.

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