• @Meta-Chuh There is also another restriction: you get the error I linked if you have set NPP to run in administrator mode. Can this be fixed?

    As to the necessity to use elevated privileges: I use NppExec to run commands, applications, utilities, some of which require it.

  • @ThosRTanner ,

    There is one possible way to get the info (that needs to be verified but will work I guess).
    However you’ll need a way to use the Win32 API for this.

    Having the Npp handle you can use this Win32 API

    ::EnumChildWindows(nppData._nppHandle, enumWindowsCB, 0);

    and in the enumWindowsCB(HWND hwnd, LPARAM) callback function use

    ::GetClassName(hwnd, winClassName, _countof(winClassName));

    to get the Npp child’s window class type.

    When the winClassName is equal to STATUSCLASSNAME you will have the status bar window handle hwnd.

    Then you can directly send SB_GETPARTS, SB_GETTEXTLENGTH and SB_GETTEXT messages to the handle to retrieve the info you need.
    The status bar part you’ll need to read in your case is STATUSBAR_DOC_TYPE.

  • @Meta-Chuh ,

    I agree with you about the extra sub-folder per plugin - this keeps all single plugin’s binary data in one place which makes handling easier and reduces confusion.

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Peter-Drenkovics

    using the built in official “plugins admin” to install nppftp runs fine on all variants of notepad++ 7.6.2 i’ve tested right now (32/64 bit, portable and installed)

    note: plugins manager is not a part of notepad++ and not (at least not yet) compatible with newer versions 7.6.x. and above
    if it shows any issues, please report them here

    if you need any further help, please provide us with your debug info, by going to notepad++ menu ? > debug info > copy debug info into clipboard and paste the information here

  • @Merrill-Sloan

    thank you for taking the time to share your solution.

    yes you are correct. the 7z and zip packages are only portable versions, for use on e.g. usb drives, and can (should) not be copied to e.g. “C:\Program Files”. using the installer exe is the correct way to go.

    note: currently we have no real answer on why the portable version is missing some menus, if you start notepad++.exe from your download folder, as it should work fine on that location, except if there’s maybe a permission setting that prevents it. but if you don’t need it to run from there, and are satisfied with the installed version, it seems to be fine.

  • @John-Destiny

    yes, @Alan-Kilborn 's suggestion seems to be the best and easiest way to do so.

    if you need help on the column editor:
    once you’ve run alan’s regex with “replace all”, hold the [alt] key and mark (draw) a cursor-line from the end of the first word Line to the end of the last word Line like shown at the screenshot below.


    then open column editor, select number to insert, with initial number 1 and increase by 1, and hit ok.


    after that, you list will look like this.

  • As it turns out, my file was somewhat incompatible.
    For another test, I created a new file from within Notepad++,
    added a few lines, and your code worked flawlessly.
    Probably some bad CR or LF perhaps in my org. file?

  • Thanks for your assistance. I’m not real techy, but enjoy web dev as a hobby (www.paulawray.com). I’m trying to break away from Dreamweaver as the annual contract is coming to an end.

    I added the jpg file to the site folder on my local computer. This file then immediately appeared in my file list in Notepad++. It does not appear in the NppFTP tree-hierarchy embedded in the Notepad++ interface, so I cannot upload it to my domain host.

  • That is a reasonable suggestion.

    If you want to increase the chances of the developer noticing this suggestion and possibly implementing it in a future release, you can follow the instructions in this FAQ to add a feature request in the official issues-page.

  • @Arash-m ,

    “bold” isn’t quote the word I would use, because all the text is identical size/boldness for the 32bit and 64bit.

    But yes, the 32bit is listed first (that could arguably be caused by “alphanumeric sort”) and 32bit has the big download icon, whereas the 64bit just has the textual links – so it does seem to emphasize / encourage 32bit download over the 64bit download.

    If you want to improve the chances that the developer will notice your suggestion, follow the instructions in the FAQ for adding an issue to the issues page.

  • a late welcome to the notepad++ community, @Derek-Clark90

    i apologise that you didn’t get your request, about your corrupted session files, answered.
    i can’t explain, on how your request could have slipped through all eyes, as you wrote it in a clear and understandable manner, with enough information to give a response, and without any reason not to respond.

    but i’m glad that you didn’t give up on notepad++ (never give up, never surrender) and big thumbs up for taking the time to share your solution and details to your dropbox setup 👍👍👍

  • @Terry-R

    heheheheheheee 😄

    it took me 'till now to actually discover your “and now helping in the Notepad++ forum.” message 😂😂😂

  • @Eko-palypse
    I finally got it using a user-defined language.

    Thank You So Much!

  • @Guido-Thelen

    so, it means a new plugin version is published together with the publisshing of a new N++ version e.g. the SQLinForm 32 bit plugin version 5.3.19 was published with N++ 6.1 and the next SQLinForm 32 bit version (5.3.24) will be available with next N++ version.

    that’s a very good question.
    i didn’t look at the updater code until now and i’ve assumed that %ProgramData%\Notepad++\plugins\config\nppPluginList.dll, which contains the json plugin list pl.x86.json from here, or pl.x64.json from here, is updated every time that you invoke plugins admin … but it is not.

    @chcg 's statement, @Alan-Kilborn’s emphasising, and your description of it are completely right, the plugin list inside of nppPluginList.dll was, to date, only updated at downloading a new version release.

    i did a crosscheck, to make sure i did not misread any code parts due to lack of knowledge:
    i’ve put an old 7.6.0 nppPluginList.dll into a 7.6.2 installation and it does not get updated.

    but maybe @donho can help us to explain any problems that caused this way of implementation while coding, and/or to share/brainstorm current ideas of making the plugins list independent to a full release.

  • @PeterJones

    its depraved, definitively depraved 😂😂😂
    glad you’re here, i’m a bit (compulsively) hypersensitive to even short offline periods of core members at the moment … i promise i’ll try to work on desensitising a bit ;-)

    btw: there was an unusually low amount of new or funny questions this weekend (perceived), so thankfully not much to miss or catch up with.

  • ps: sorry, my first

    See @Scott-Sumner’s “help with Markdown in this forum”

    should have been

    See @Scott-Sumner’s “help with Markdown in this forum”

    I copied/pasted from the rendered rather than the source, so the link disappeared.

    The link was there below in my FYI section, but I wanted to make it clear.

  • thank you for your response, @Cee-Qhawekazi-Mhlongo

    It doesn’t install after i select it nothing happens

    for further information or guides, we will need your debug information. please go to the notepad++ menu ? > debug info > copy debug info into clipboard and paste the information here

  • @Meta-Chuh Thank you so much!
    you’d very help me!!!

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Şahin-Beygu

    there exists two menu items (Plugin Manager and Plugin Admin) which is very confusing.

    “plugin manager” is not part of notepad++, it is a plugin you have installed in the past and it is not compatible with newer versions 7.6.x of notepad++ and above.
    please remove the “plugin manager” plugin, as it will write to and delete from wrong folder locations.
    please use the official plugins admin only.
    (for a guide on how to delete it on your setup, we will need your debug information. please go to the notepad++ menu ? > debug info > copy debug info into clipboard. and paste the information here)

    note: i also recommend to update to 7.6.2 if you are on a version lower than that.

    after the installation of the new Plugin Manager its “Installed plugins” list does not show the installed plugins and comes empty whereas the old Plugin Admin lists the plugins as it should be

    all plugins that are at the correct location will be shown in plugins admin

    note: unfortunately i was not able to open your screenshots, i can only get a 403 Forbidden, nginxerror message when trying to open them.

    i hope this information may help you.

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