• Thanks @Vitaliy-Dovgan

  • that would be the case if it was you who was also indenting with 2 spaces, but you are not the only one who codes, you get a code from other people who may indent with 4 spaces, 6 spaces, 8 spaces or whatever it is that they decided to indent with.

    Then, you want to convert that to your own style, and you cannot do this automatically, you still have to manually do it, by going into the preferences and changing your tab length to whatever the other coder formatted with, then you open another code formatted with a different set of spaces, then you do the same etc.

    At least, it would be nice if we had like a tab length : 2 option in the status bar, where you can quickly set your tab length.

    We can easily see what EOL the file is formatted with and convert the EOLs from the statusbar.
    I really like that EOL option offered there on the status bar, and is perfect.
    But, the same is simply not the case for the indents. That area, I think can be improved upon programmatically.

    If anyone knows a script to make these conversions more automatic, please let me know.

  • @Scott-Sumner said:

    AFAIK, no. shortcuts.xml gets read into memory when Notepad++ starts; no (reasonable!) way to “intercept” that data item to insert something else…which I think is what you are considering…??

    Exactly. That’s why I wanted to read the data from clipboard dynamically.

    Thank you anyway


    It turns out that NP++ executable process returns “ready” state to Windows API before it is actually ready as it still running plugin activity. In my case JSLint’s syntax check of Unix-LF (UTF-8 without BOM) files apparently takes longer versus Windows-CRLF (UTF-8 without BOM) files, and this is how NP++ ends up not being able to process “Control+S” as a short-cut to save the file, but as a text input that shows up as “DC3”, corrupting it. Thus the solution is to use “Sleep 1000” AutoHotKey command before generating “Control+S” key combination or to swap it with the call for JSLint syntax check.

    However, why the underlying issue of NP++ allowing ASCII control codes to be inserted in the text is still not fixed, is still a question. At no circumstances NP++ should allow the corruption of texts by garbage.

  • It would be nice! I was just looking for a hub myself! I decided to just Google it and found a few.

  • Notepad++ There are also two crashes

    1/open“notepad ++ / themes/” to create a new .xml file. Set the <GlobalStyles> tag under the child tag <WidgetStyle>, Set the value "name "> 70 bytes, reopen the notepad++ select “settings” - “style configurator” - “test.xml” program collapse
    and it destroys the memory。
    2/ open “notepad ++ / themes/” to create a new .xml file. Set the <GlobalStyles> tag under the child tag <WidgetStyle> and set the fontStyle property. When the “fontStyle” value is greater than 6, the positive 6 bits, and the negative 7 bits, reopen the notepad++ and select “settings”–“style configurator”-- The “test.xml” program crash

  • ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ @PeterJones

    Let me get this straight: you want to modify (change) the file, then save it, but not have the file’s modification time changed?


    … to follow standard practices

    Whose standard practices and for whom?
    The essence of the question is exactly to move away from standard practice.

    … otherwise, the modification time becomes meaningless.

    Hm-m… Meaningless… For you? May be.
    But for me - just vice-versa.

    … you want to corrupt the modification time, …

    Do not say such things out loud.
    I want to keep it unchanged. You see the difference between this terms?

    … on your own, after saving, you can use …

    Thank you. Very much!
    I have a lot of I can and before, and after :)
    I have the bundle of such applications for Windows.
    And surrogate automation I have already now.
    However, I want not ‘after saving’, but instead of it, by the forces of Npp itself.

    ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ @gstavi

    Obviously … API …

    I think so too.
    However, nothing prevents to save opened file’s attributes in dark and cool place, and then bring them back. There are a lot of SetFileTime related functions.

    … that is typically reserved for malicious users.

    And you too - do not say such things out loud.

    ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ @Scott Sumner

    The OP did not state WHY s/he wanted to retain the file’s old modification time. Let’s presume there is a perfectly valid reason for wanting this.

    Thank you for moral support :)

    … would cause N++'s File Status Auto-Detection …
    May be. And Monitoring too.
    But it is a very special case and the interference of these functions should simply not be allowed at the level of the Npp itself. Especially because the timestamp changing event will raise twice - first by OS, and the second - by Npp, when time stam will restored.

    I have ownwrited application that run 24x5 and I use API Function ‘WriteFile’, constantly appending data w/o closing handle. I tried now on this remoted PC to open this log in old Npp 6.6.2 - Auto-Detection do not work. I try open it as share on my desktop Npp 7.3.2 - nor Auto-Detection, nor Monitoring not work. But the file is intensilty appending :) and OS show the unchanged time of file creating.

    OK. At least - few words about wtf it need for me :)

    I often have to go to the archives of code, both my own and others. In Far-manager this is all quite easy and meticulously (time, content, size) is compared. Troubles appears when the difference between files is in extra space, linebreak etc. It need to correct 2-3 bytes of code, but, getting identical content, I loose historical timestamp, in first, and in second - got error of compare by time :)

    It is very troublesome to use a third party programs for this purpose - it nee to save original time by some manner, edit-save file and set saved time, that need to be passed by some manner too…

    If Npp had this feature, but I already guess that it does not have it, then it would be enough to spit out the file from the archive, edit it and throw it back.

  • @Fouad-tbz You can also use Macro for this. First, place the caret on the first line, in front of the first word. Start the macro recording and type the following keys:

    End : Delete Down arrow Home

    Stop the recording. Play the macro (1 time or repeat).

  • I have the same problem, but I think that I definitively solved this issue today. It’s for me a problem with the Zoom Disabler 1.2 plugin. When I remove this plugin, there is no crash on exit anymore. I use Notepad++ 32 bits on Windows 10 64 bits.

  • Maybe worth pointing out that periodic autosaving of the working session is fairly easy to script…

  • @Irate-CPR said:

    …backup feature…because it constantly saves my notes to a backup folder…so that I won’t lose anything in case of a BSOD or application crash.

    I would not be lulled into a false sense of security because of this…I was…and then I lost hours worth of work (when I thought I would have lost changes only since my last saves of the files I had been working on. You can read more of my unhappy story if you’d care to. Also, see many more such sad stories in the links I provided here. Finally, this is a FAQ Desk topic; see here.

    the new text file will be named " new1 "…Now since they’re both named the same…

    They really aren’t named the same…they aren’t named at all. I will never understand why people seem to hang onto these “new” files and expect all of Notepad++'s functionality (and plugins) to work with them like they are “real” files. They exist only as purely temporary scratchpad files, or as a really short-lived thing until a file is saved properly. My opinions only, based on observations after long-use…

    It has been a long while since I used TakeNotes, but it seems like what I remember about how it functions would not cause an issue for your intended use. But apparently you have investigated it and found that it does.

  • It’s your right to choose whatever text editor you want to. However, crashes cause data loss; it is always your responsibility to make sure that critical data is backed up.

    More information about the issue can be found at (https://notepad-plus-plus.org/community/topic/15748/faq-desk-crash-caused-my-file-to-be-all-nulls).

    If you wanted to be helpful, instead of just complaining, you could try to reproduce the problem: whoever can be the one to find a reliable, reproducible way to force a crash causing the data loss will provide a necessary tool in fixing the problem: so far, the author has not been able to reproduce the problem, and thus cannot debug it.

  • @guy038

    HAha…I tested with {2} in place of {145}…much less work to create test data that way…I just changed it to 145 for posting!


    Of course, if we could ever get the \A to work… :-(

  • Hello @david-bailey and All,

    I have never read, yet, a more intelligent text, about the general problem of backups :-)) I, personally, think that this article deserves to be located in the FAQ section !



  • I found one program “RJ TextEd”, opens “Consolas + unicode” as notepad.exe.

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