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Translate Notepad++ binary

You can make Notepad++ to speak your mother tongue - Just download english.xml and translate it into your language.

Note to translate

  1. All the English words under the Attribute name should be translated.
  2. & in the Tag Menu is &, it takes effect (draw a underline on a letter) when user push the Alt key. So it's up to you to change its position, it depends on the menu convention of your language.
  3. Try to translate shortly. The controls in dialogs won't be resized dynamically.


The translation of Paste in French is Coller, so the XML Tag Translation from English to French should be:


<Item id="42005" name="&amp;Paste"/>


<Item id="42005" name="C&amp;oller"/>

How to test your translation

If you are updating your language xml, then you need just to modify your file <YOUR_NPP_INSTALLED_DIR>\localization\yourLanguage.xml. Go to General Tab in Preferences dialog, switch to English in Localization field to unload your language then choose it again to reload your modification. Note that you have to run Notepad++ as Administrator under Vista or Windows 7.

If your language is not listed in the Localization field in Preferences dialog, then you have to do the following steps to test your translation:

  1. Rename english.xml to nativeLang.xml
  2. Click Start->Run to have the run box, type %APPDATA%\Notepad++ in it and Enter. There'll be an opened directory window appears.
  3. Copy the nativeLang.xml into the opened directory.
  4. Exit Notepad++ then relaunch it.

Note: Removing the nativeLang.xml will restore English version.

You can contact me, if you want your translation included in the future release.

All available translations are on Binary Translations page.