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Download Notepad++ 6.4.3


Release Date: 2013-07-28

You can find sha1 digests for binaries package on Sourceforge as well.


Notepad++ v6.4.3 new features and bug fixes:

  1. Fix a crash issue while using Function list.
  2. Enhance delimiter selection (Ctrl + Mouse Double Click) - add GUI settings in Preferences dialog.
  3. Add open session in the new instance capacity.
  4. Add new command line argument "-openSession" for opening a session file.
  5. Add multi-instance option.
  6. Fix regression -systemtray command line option not working properly.
  7. Fix begin/end selection bug after the text modification between the begin and end position.
  8. Add localization command line option -LlangCode where langCode is browser language code.