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Download Notepad++ 6.5




Release Date: 2013-09-29

You can find sha1 digests for binaries package on Sourceforge as well.


Notepad++ v6.5 new features and bug fixes:

  1. Update Scintilla to version 3.3.4
  2. Add language CoffeeScript support.
  3. Add multi-paste support for multi-selection/column mode.
  4. Add new feature: auto-close parentheses, quotes, bracket and matched xml/html tag.
  5. Add php, perl, xml, batch, ini and nsis for the build-in function list.
  6. Add User Defined Languages support for the build-in function list.
  7. Add reload feature for the build-in function list.
  8. Fix a minor problem of file extension support for the build-in function list.
  9. Fix a tag matching bug by disabling tag matching inside PHP code blocks.
  10. Fix right-to-left text after closing document map bug.
  11. Fix cancelling shutdown make Notepad++ quit w/o saving files bug.
  12. Enhance "Begin/End select" feature: Check "Begin/End select" menu item when active.
  13. Enhance Mark all feature: 2 options "Match case" and "Match whole word only" in Find/Replace dialog.
  14. Fix a Replace dialog status bar display problem by clearing status bar before processing any action.
  15. Add new feature: if Notepad++ is running as administrator, display this info on the title bar.
  16. Rename "block comment" to "Single line comment" and "stream comment" to "block comment".
  17. Remove invalid command "Online Documentation".