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Download Notepad++ 6.7


Release Date: 2014-12-14

You can find sha1 digests for binaries package on Sourceforge as well.


Notepad++ v6.7 new features and bug fixes:

  1. Add Smart Indent feature for php/javascript/c/c++/java/c#/Objective-C.
  2. Enhance Auto-insert feature for {} [] (): typing and skipping }, ] and ).
  3. Add new feature of MRU: While current file is closed the previous activated file will be activated.
  4. Allow users to disable Easter eggs by adding noEasterEggs.xml in Notepad++ installed directory.
  5. Enhancement: Resize column Name filed correctly while hiding column Ext.
  6. Fix Global colours not applied to all text of the "Find result" pane.
  7. Add C# and enhance php parser in Function List.
  8. Fix document list panel has no selection while start up.
  9. Fix docSwitcher bug which shows new 0 after loading a session of files.
  10. Fix crash issue on quit Notepad++ while session snapshot period backup feature is on.
  11. Make "Text Direction RTL" command and "Text Direction LTR" command work without reloading file.
  12. Make document map matches the current text direction (RTL/LTR).
  13. Fix a crash issue while the opened document is deleted/moved from outside.
  14. Fix undo actions on unsaved snapshot file removing the dirty state bug.