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Download Notepad++ 7.7

Release Date: 2019-05-19

Download 32-bit x86

Download 64-bit x64

Integrity & Authenticity validation

Download Notepad++ source code of current version and/or check sha-256 digests for binary packages on GitHub


Notepad++ v7.7 new feature & bug-fixes:

  1. Continue Microsoft binary code signing thanks to the offer from DigiCert (again).
  2. Upgrade Scintilla from v3.56 to v4.14.
  3. Fix a regression of memory issue while reloading a file.
  4. Fix cursor flickering problem after double clicking on URL.
  5. Make Python files default to using spaces instead of tabs.
  6. Add "Count in selection" option in Find dialog.
  7. Add Ctrl + R shortcut for "Reload from disk" command.
  8. Fix '\' display problem in CSS while using themes (Remove Batang font for CSS tags).
  9. Fix crash while right clicking on DocSwitcher's column bar.
  10. Fix all plugins being removed problem while Plugin Admin removes an old plugin (of old system).