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Notepad++ 7.4 released

14 May 2017 21:23:32

I have made Edge as my default browser recently (nice browser BTW, a lack of "search in Google" command though), one of awesome features in Edge is peeking page while mouse hovering on a inactive tab.

Notepad++ has stolen this feature shamelessly - in the version 7.4 Document Peeker has been added. By hovering mouse on any inactive tab, you can preview document displaying under the tab, or / and on document map. This feature can be disabled easily by unchecking "Peek on tab" of Document Peeker, in MISC. section of Preferences dialog.

There are a lot more of enhancements and bug-fixes in this version. Please check in the change log of download page for m detaiorels.

Download 7.4 here:
Notepad++ Download

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