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Aide en ligne

Dépôt du code source

Le dépôt du code source de Notepad++ est disponible sur GitHub:

Vos "pull requests" sont les bienvenus. Cependant, ils ne seront pas toujours acceptés pour de diverses raisons.
Voici quelques lignes directrices pour vos requests :

  1. Respecter le style de codage de Notepad++.
  2. Éviter de committer plusieurs fonctionnalités dans un même commit.
  3. Compacter vos modifications - ne pas reformater le code source dans votre demande. Cela rend la revue de code plus difficile.

Bref, plus facile est la revue de code, meilleures sont vos chances que la demande soit acceptée.

Traduction de l'exécutable

From Binary Translations page you could get the language you need.
Please refer to translate binary howto if you want to get more information.


From the v3.1, Notepad++ has the extension capacity - the plugin system. Please see Plugins HOWTO to learn how to install a plugin or/and how to develop a plugin.

A list of plugins is maintained by Notepad++ community, used by Plugin Admin.

If you can not find the plugin you need, just make your own.

User Defined Language files

For some reasons that some languages are not supported by Notepad++, User Language Define System can help you out in this case. This system allows user to define his own language : not only the syntax highlighting keywords definition, but also the syntax folding keywords definition, comment keywords definition and the operators definition.

You can define your language via User Language Define Dialog. However, the language you need may be already defined by someone-else in this User Defined Language List.

Remplacement de Notepad

This is one of the most asked question in the forums. A lot of references are pointed in Make Notepad++ the Default TXT Editor page on NpWiki++.