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Notepad++ 6.1.6 released

A hanging bug while Chinese input is worked around.
The update auto-detection is added under vista/Windows7/Windows8 environment.

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Notepad++ 6.1.5 released

3 critical bugs are fixed in this release:
a freezing issue, an incompatibility with Windows 8 issue and a performance issue.

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6.1.4 release

Notepad++'s Shell Extension (Explorer's context menu) has been worked to fix Window 8's Computer manager's crash.

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New release: 6.1.3

In this version, xml matching tags highlighting performance issue has been fixed. Several minor issues are enhanced and fixed as well.

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The defacement of Notepad++ website

Notepad++ website was defaced on the 12th May.
Only the site's database was compromised, the release binaries are untouched.

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Notepad++ 6.1.2 released

A hanging bug is fixed in this version.

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France, the future country of fascism?

In the first round of presidentential election, the French have lost. The National Front (French far-right party) won 18% of votes:
2 out of 10 persons voted for the far-right wing in 2012. Will France be governed by the fascists in 10 years?

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Notepad++ 6.1.1 - License (GPL) enhanced

Several critical bugs are fixed in this release. Besides the most important update In v6.1.1 is the enhancement of the license. Such enhancement will protect Notepad++ users from downloading bundled Notepad++ with the other Adware / spyware / crapware.
The project license is always GPL, but the definition of "derived work" is more accurate to avoid Notepad++ to be bundled and distributed with the parasite software by the malicious websites.

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Notepad++ 6.1 released

Fixed bugs in version 6.1:
  1. Fix search/replace bug while Document Map is opened.
  2. Fix User Defined Language syntax highlighting problem while Document Map is opened.
  3. Fix showing Chinese characters problem while Document Map is opened.
  4. The old behaviour of comment/uncomment without selection is restored.
  5. Fix selecting all the text in document map while clicking on its dialog caption.

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