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Hacking of Notepad++ site

15 Jan 2015 00:49:00

The Notepad++ official site was hacked on 12th January 2015, due to its controversial new version 6.7.4 "Je suis Charlie" edition, released on 10th January 2015. The site was restored on the same day.
The binaries of this edition are on another server and they are not compromised (the SHA1 published on 11th January 2015 is always available on SF). The automatic typing in Notepad++ "Je suis Charlie" edition after installation is a feature. Sorry for the panic.

The message of the defacement accused Notepad++ of inciting hatred towards Islam and accusing Islam of supporting terrorism. The statements of Notepad++ "Je suis Charlie" edition support nothing but the freedom of expression and only that. The fact of Notepad++ supporting the "Je suis Charlie" movement has nothing to do with any accusation towards a specific community. In fact the "Je suis Charlie" movement in France, as far as I can tell, deserves no label of racism or of Islamophobia. I have many Muslim friends who are for "Je suis Charlie". And sincerely, I don't think that two extremist fools can stand for all Muslims or Islam itself.

Regarding the "freedom of expression", I have read (from the social networks and your emails) that your most important argument is for "respect" and I'm all for respectful speech. The point of the message in the "Je suis Charlie" edition is that no one should be killed for any speech, even if disrespectful. This is the core concept of the Freedom of Speech. I believe everyone should agree with it.

If you don't like "Je suis Charlie" edition, that's fine. You can still use Notepad++ v6.7.3 - they are the same in terms of features and bug fixes. could be hacked over and over again, but I will always find a way to distribute Notepad++ "Je suis Charlie" edition - that's my freedom of expression which I claim as my right.