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Make Your Business Card with Notepad++

25 Dec 2011 18:07:00

Notepad++ is not just a text/code editor, you can use it to make your business card:

Business Card

Here are some tips/instructions to help you make your original business card with Notepad++:

  1. Hide menu, tab bar and status bar (you probably want to hide tool bar if you have more content to show) via the General tab of Preferences dialog.
  2. Hide folder margin, bookmark margin, line number margin and current line highlighting via the Editing tab of Preference dialog.
  3. Check "Show only filename in title bar" via "MISC." tab of Preference Dialog, this removes the full path and keep only the file name on the caption bar.
  4. Resize Notepad++ to fit the size of your empty business card to print. (I made the Notepad++ size on screen just fit my card)
  5. Type the content of your business card with your favorite programming language (html, xml, php, c, c++, etc...) then set the language's syntax highlighting via menu Language (type "Alt" to show menu).
  6. Launch "Style Configurator" Dialog (via menu "Settings") to tune up the syntax highlighting of your language of choice (for the bg/fg colour, font style and font size). You can choose the theme (on the top) as well to have the different look & feel. Save & close it.
  7. Print your card - Do the screen capture by "Alt + Print Screen", Then paste it into Word to print.
  8. That's it. Enjoy making your geek business card!

The original idea came from Albert Hwang's Notepad Business Card.

Happy Isaac Newton's Birthday!