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Notepad++ 5.7.1 Release Candidate

Notepad++ 5.7.1 release candidate is available:
(Download link missing - please contact us)

This version contains few majors fixes such as unicode file corrupted on saving bug, php syntax highlighting bug and some performance issues on Unicode files. Some new features are added: "search and replace action macro recording", "Modify Shortcut/Delete Macro" and  "Modify Shortcut/Delete Command". Scintilla component is update to 2.20 in this version.

Here are Notepad++ v5.7.1 new features and fixed bugs (from v5.7)

  1. Upgrade Scintilla to version 2.20.
  2. Fix Unicode file corrupted on saving bug (the buffer alignment issue).
  3. Fix DBCS encodings file saving corruption bug.
  4. Fix file containing NULL character loading bug.
  5. Fix php syntax highlighting bug.
  6. Fix Shortcut Mapper inconsistence issue after deleting a macro or an user command.
  7. Add 2 line wrap methods (default plus aligned and indent).
  8. Add 2 menu commands : "Modify Shortcut/Delete Macro" and  "Modify Shortcut/Delete Command".
  9. Add "Modify" and "Delete" buttons on Shortcut mapper dialog.
  10. Add macro new ability to record search and replace actions.
  11. Fix SaveSession bug.
  12. Remove characters count feature from the status bar due to its performance issue with UTF8 file.
  13. Fix crash issue due to themes switching.
  14. Make folding margin hidable.
  15. Add NPPM_GETCURRENTNATIVELANGENCODING message (to get the current native language enconding).
  16. Change editing settings saving behaviour : one set of settings are applied in 2 scintilla controls (except zoom).

If you have any remark and bug report regarding 5.7.1 RC, please post here -

The official 5.7.1 version will be released on the next weekend (the 5th September 2010) if there is no critical issue found.