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Notepad++ 5.9.1 Release is available

Get Notepad++ 5.9.1!

3 features (which are useful to me) are added in this release: Character Insertion Panel, Clipboard History and Find characters in range feature.

An issue was detected in release 5.9: 4 lexer plugins AHKExternalLexer, NppExternalLexers (powershell lexer), ExternalLexerKVS and Oberon2Lexer make Notepad++ crash (with Unknown exception) on Notepad++ startup. The issue is still present in this release. 4 plugins in question are removed by installer. However, you have to remove them manually to prevent Notepad++ 5.9.1 from crash if you use zipped package.

A side note for those who want to compile the source code: the project file (notepadPlus.vcproj) is able to compile under Visual Studio 2010 (tested with VS2010 Express). All you have to do is convert the VS2005 project file under VS2010. It should work under VS2008, though I didn't test this part.
Notepad++ binary release will be, in the future versions, generated under VS2010. As a result Notepad++ future releases won't be supported under Windows 98/ME environments, since VS2010 cannot be used to target Win9X.

As usual, if any critical bug is found, please post in the forum.