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Notepad++ 5.9.4 Release Candidate

30 Sep 2011 02:03:00

Please check v5.9.4 Release Candidate (zip package only).

Project Manager is one of the most wanted features. The implementation of this feature took longer then I thought, that explains the delay of this release. Even though I'm quite satisfied with the result, this feature still needs a lot of enhancements. However, here is the first draft included in version 5.9.4.

I've tried to make project panel interface user friendly, so the creation/modification of project should be quite intuitive. The tutorial of project manager will be done (hopefully) on

v5.9.4 new features and fixed bugs:

  1. Add 3 Project Panels for the management of projects
  2. Doc Switcher can be sorted now.
  3. Fix crash issue while printing for some printers.
  4. Fix ANSI version Clipboard history entries display bug.
  5. Fix wrong display of tab number setting dialog in Lang Menu/Tab settings of Preferences dialog.

The release candidate contains only zip package (both ANSI and Unicode). 5.9.4 release (full packages) will be provided in 1 week if there's no critical issue found in this release candidate.

Please let me know if you find any issue.