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Notepad++ 6.4 released

29 Jun 2013 23:32:00

The major updates in v6.4 are new added Function List Panel, Find/Replace dialog statusbar and new user interface of Preferences dialog.

The new feature Function List Panel can be launched via toolbar or menu (View->Function List). It allows user to access the function definition quickly. So far function list supports only C++ and Javascript. However, it's customizable by using regular expression, so you can build your parser for the non-supported languages. For more information to build your parser, please refer to:
Find/Replace dialog new statusbar displays the result nicer and lighter. It makes also possible to record any macro for find/replace operation.

Thank the following guys for their coding contribution of this release:
Andreas Jonsson, CodeForLife, Pekka Pöyry, Ivan Radić (aka Loreia), Jens Lorenz, FLS and Jinhui Yang.
Thank Sergey Semushin for his last minute's fixes of DSpellCheck.

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