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Current Version: 7.6.6


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Notepad++ 6.5.5 released

07 Mar 2014 00:56:00

The word-completion hanging problem in ANSI document (under Chinese windows 7/8 64 bits) while typing Chinese characters has been fixed in this release. Therefore the word-completion feature is re-enabled for ANSI document under CJK environment.

Auto-detection encoding feature can detect non-Unicode encoding for saving your time to set encoding manually.

Command line arguments are enhanced by adding wildcard character (* and ?) support. User can type notepad++ \sources\*.js in cmd to open all javascript files in sources folder, or he/she can type notepad++ -r \sources\*.js to open all javascript files recursively from sources folder.

There're other new features and bugs fixed in this release. Check download page for more details:
Notepad++ Download

Thank visimulator, Andreas Jonsson, Giles Payne and Ivan Radic(aka Loreia) for their code contributions.

Auto-updater will be triggered in one week if there's no critical bug found.