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Notepad++ Workers' Day Edition (v6.6)

01 May 2014 21:19:00

It's Workers' Day and all workers should be off this day. Except me - I'm a rebel and I say fuck to Workers' Day!  :)
Well I worked even harder in Workers' Day in order to release Notepad++ Workers' Day Edition.

The main feature of this release is Session snapshot & periodic backup.
If this feature is enabled (enabled by default), user won't be asked to save unsaved file as he quits Notepad++, and on startup Notepad++ restores the unsaved file and unsaved untitled document of last session.

This feature brings another advantage - periodic backup of unsaved files which protects your data from the PC crashing or power outage.

You can always turn off this feature to get back the old behaviour:

Dowload Notepad++ v6.6 Workers' Day Edition here:
Notepad++ Download

Please let me know if you find any critical bug.