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v6.6.1 - May the 4th be with you

04 May 2014 22:52:00

A hanging issue has been found in Notepad++ Workers' Day edition.
It has been fixed in Notepad++ v6.6.1 May the 4th be with you Edition.

As a reminder, the main feature of v6.6.x is Session snapshot & periodic backup - user won't be asked to save unsaved file as he quits Notepad++, and on startup Notepad++ restores the unsaved file and unsaved untitled document of last session. Such periodic backup of unsaved files will protects your data from the PC crashing or power outage.

You can always turn off this feature to get back the old behaviour:

Download Notepad++ v6.6.1 May the 4th be with you Edition here:
Notepad++ Download