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Notepad++ 6.7 released

14 Dec 2014 23:32:00

The C style smart indent is added in release 6.7 for languages php, JavaScript, c, c++, Java, c# and Objective-C.
To enable/disable it, check/uncheck "Auto-indent" in MISC tab of preferences dialog.

An enhancement makes Auto-insert of {} [] () more usable: Just after auto-insert of ), ] or }, If users type ), ] or } then the typed symbol won't be inserted, and the caret will be brought behind inserted ), ] or }.

Thank Pavel Nedev and Etienne Boireau for their code contribution.

Please check change log (in Download page) for more enhancements and bug fixes in this release.
Download Notepad++ v6.7 here:
Notepad++ Download

Note that all versions before Windows XP SP2 are not supported any more by Notepad++.