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Notepad++ Release 7 - 64-bit available

21 Sep 2016 23:46:00


Here is Notepad++ 7 Release - 64-bit version is available.

However, not all binaries are available in 64-bits - only a few plugins (done by me) are x64 ready. I encourage plugin authors to make your x64 build availabe, so Notepad++ x64 users will benefit from your plugins:

Of course 64-bit is not the only "feature" in v7. A vulnerability of installer has been fixed in this version as well. There's so many more new features and bug-fixes, check the change list in the download page for more detail:
Notepad++ Download

Please let us know if you find any critical issue / regression.:

The updater will be triggered in 2 weeks, if there’s no critical issue found.