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Notepad++ new site:

Since January 2010, SourceForge has complied with US law to deny site access from 5 countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria).

This action is totally absurd - not mentioning to that Notepad++ project is far from a part of US property (like all the hosted FOSS projects in SF), the fact that a FOSS hoster rejects the access from some population is not only a discrimination action but also a violation of fundamental FOSS principle.

We refuse to apply US government's vision, so that's our first move: the new site under domain name NOTEPAD-PLUS-PLUS.ORG is hosted by in a neutral territory (France).

The site is built by Drupal, some new features are added in the site, such as newsletter and multilingual system, and more functionalities might be added if need. It's not yet complete, and it'll be done ASAP.