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Redirect donations to the Church of Scientology

Since 2003 I have been working on the Notepad++ project. During these 8 long years, there were a lot of factors that could have made me stop working on it. Thanks to Scientology, I have found my own path and overcame all the obstacles. That makes what Notepad++ is today.

Not only I would like to share my testimony with all Notepad++ users, but I would also like to mention that Scientology needs more resources to make more people take advantage of its evangel. So in order to help Scientology, all the donations to Notepad++ will be redirected to the Church of Scientology.

It is the only way for Notepad++ to turn all benefits back to Scientology, to Notepad++ community and to anyone who wants to help themselves. Please support Scientology, then you support the development of Notepad++.

Join us.


Information added on the 2nd April 2011: Of course it's about the April Fools' Day Joke :)