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Release 5.8.7 and online documentation site

An annoying regression is fixed in the new release 5.8.7: wrong input characters are inserted due to non modal message boxes.

The installer is enhanced in this release: by choosing Minimalist option during installation procedure, user can install or update Notepad++ without any extra component (default value is Custom).

Choose Components

This release (except minimalist package) contains the offline user manual in html format (instead of chm file, which was included in the previous releases), it is extracted from the online documentation site with HTTrack. Offline document does not work well under IE6, but it should be OK with the other browsers (tested with IE6/7/8, Firefox and Chrome). I don't agree with chrome's policy to do update automatically without even asking user's permission, but hey Microsoft should do the same, just for IE6.

The current content in English is quite outdated, I'll work on it as I have time.

Notepad++ online documentation site is ready for translation. However, I won't have time to maintain the whole site. A site manager who knows well drupal system (especially the Internationalization and book modules) is wanted.
The online document site manager's mission will be:

  1. Management of users (translators).
  2. Execution the defined workflow (or define a new more efficient workflow): approve applied translator role, make translation for each language available, etc.
  3. Installation of needed modules.

The role of site manager demands the time and drupal know-how. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in it and your profile matches these requirements.

Enjoy the new release