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下載 Notepad++ v5.8.6

Release Date: 2010-12-19

Notepad++ v5.8.6 fixed bugs (from v5.8.5)

  1. Fix langs.xml 0 length problem while user ends session without closing Notepad++.
  2. Fix empty line count failure (RegExpr).
  3. Fix task list display glitch under Windows 7.
  4. Add trim functions (header/trailing/compact feature).
  5. Add white space and TAB conversion features.
  6. Fix folding margin to be displayed when opening Notepad++ with a new/empty file (Normal text).
  7. Fix auto-completion detection language bug.
  8. Fix the changing theme settings makes switch back to the default theme bug.
  9. Make english.xml customizable.

Included plugins (Unicode)

  1. TextFX v0.26
  2. Spell Checker v1.3.3
  3. NppFTP 0.23
  4. NppExport v0.2.8
  5. Compare Plugin
  6. Plugin Manager

Included plugins (ANSI)

  1. TextFX v0.25
  2. NppExec v0.4.1
  3. Spell Checker v1.3.3
  4. MIME Tools v1.6
  5. NppExport v0.2.8
  6. Light Explorer v1.6
  7. Compare Plugin 1.5.5
  8. Plugin Manager