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27 Jun 2011 16:07:00

Notepad++ 6.9 released

  1. New feature Folder as Workspace is one of most wanted features.
  2. Notepad++ installer is signed from this release.

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v6.8.9 has been removed

Due to a critical regression, Notepad++ 6.8.9 release has been removed from the website.

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About a tweet against FN

I'm not proud of what I tweeted, but I have no regret.

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Notepad++ 6.8.8 released

The link style regression has been fixed in this version.
Debug Info helper is added to help users to do their bug reports.

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Kiss my App on Black Friday

New shining 6.8.7 release is ready for Black Friday.

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Notepad++ 6.8.6 released

This version includes 2 regression-fixes, 2 enhancements and a lot of bug-fixes.

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Notepad++ 6.8.5 released

Fix Javascript autocompletion not working regression.

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Notepad++ 6.8.4 released

This version contains a lot of bug-fixes and some enhancements.

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Notepad++ 6.8.3 released

A crash issue and some bugs are fixed in v6.8.3.

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Notepad++ 6.8.2 released

  • Source Code Pro font is removed from this release.
  • Several visual gliches are fixed.

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