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27 Jun 2011 16:07:00

New Notepad++ repository location

Following the step of binaries distribution on 07/05/2010, Notepad++ source code repository has been moved from USA territory (SourceForge) to France (TuxFamily).

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Notepad++ 5.8.6 release

Get Notepad++ v5.8.6 now.

In this new release, a minimalist package is added.

It contains only the files needed to run Notepad++ with no plugins, no themes, no autocompletion API files, no auto-updater and no localization files.

The package is much smaller and Notepad++ will run faster.

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I have a dream...

I have a dream :)

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Notepad++ v5.8.5 released

Get Notepad++ v.5.8.5

Due to some complains about new icon, one option to switch back to the old one is available in the installer.

ChangeIcon.exe and old icon will be available ASAP for those who use the zip package and desire his/her old icon back.

In this version several bugs are fixed, especially regarding Windows 7:

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Notepad++ 5.8.4 release

Download Notepad++ 5.8.4 release

What's new?

  • User can set supported encoding charsets in "New Document Settings".
  • All the item in context menu can be renamed. Make your contextMenu.xml in "UTF8 as ANSI" if you want to modify the menu items in your language.
  • And bugs fixes...

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Notepad++ 5.8.3 release

Get Notepad++ v5.8.3

Notepad++ 5.8.3 release contains a nice look application icon thanks to Notepad++ community:

Not only the changed look in this release, some features are enhanced in Notepad++:

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Notepad++ new version: 5.8.2

Here you can download new Notepad++ 5.8.2 release:

This version contains one crash fix and some bug fixes. The installer is improved in some points as well in this release.

Please do your remark and/or bug report in this thread of Notepad++ forum.

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Notepad++ 5.8.1 is available

Notepad++ 5.8.1 is available on

This version might be unstable due to Scintilla updating.

Hopefully there is no more crash issue. If you find the other critical issues, please report them here.

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Notepad++ 5.8 released

Notepad++ 5.8 is available here.

This release integrates the newest Scintilla component (v2.21), so there could be some regressions.

Please let me know if you find any critical issue.


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Notepad++ v5.7.1 RC2

Enhancement and bug fixed (from v5.7)

  1. Update Scintilla to v2.21.
  2. Fix a vulnerability issue: Load ScinLexer.dll with its full path to avoid hijack.
  3. Fix dragging undocked window performance issue while using Vista Aero UI style.
  4. Fix large file truncated after loading problem.
  5. Improve file loading performance.

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