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Happy April 1st: No donation to Scientology cult

That's the first April Fools' Day of Notepad++, sadly it hits its end.

The fake announce was triggered on the 1st April at 00:06 Paris time, that might make some confusion for people in some different time zones (for example: in USA) which were still on the 31th Mars.

To clarify the situation, I am a non-Scientologist who tried to have fun on the 1st April. There will be no donation transferred to Scientology cult. Instead, all the donations to Notepad++ project will be redirected to a real humanitarian NGO - ATD Fourth World as usual:

Please restore your beloved Notepad++ back to the desktop and wait for the next party of 1st April :D

See you on the next April Fools' Day.


Side note on the 6th April 2011:

Get the following brilliant definition of Scientology from Uncyclopedia. Enjoy :D

Scientology is the major cult amongst the community today... It is based on the belief that money is evil, and that it is the duty of scientists to gather it all into one safely contained area to prevent all the suffering and pain in the universe. This is the main reason it is so popular with certain celebrities, who having grown up with no discerning talent are lost as to what to do with their masses of cash when it's thrown at them...

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