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Notepad++ on GitHub

Notepad++ source code repository is available on GitHub:

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Notepad++ 6.7.7 released

Fix "Restore last closed file" (Ctrl+Shift+T) display issue.

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Notepad++ 6.7.6 released

Setting on Cloud for dropbox and for google drive not working issues fixed.
"Restore last closed file" (Ctrl+Shift+T) feature added.

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April Fools' Day Prank: Site hacked by CLF

If your eyes hurt due to Comic Sans, and "karma karma karma karma chameleon" stuck in your head, then you enjoyed this prank :)

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Notepad++ 6.7.5 released

Ghost typing, enhancements of Find in files & incremental search feature.

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Hacking of Notepad++ site

The Notepad++ official site was hacked on 12th January 2015, due to its controversial new version 6.7.4 "Je suis Charlie" edition...

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Notepad++ 6.7.4  Je suis Charlie edition

Je suis Charlie, not because I endorse everything they published, but because I cherish the right to speak out freely without risk even when it offends others.

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Notepad++ 6.7.3 released

A crash issue and a regression have been fixed in this release.

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Notepad++ 6.7.2 released

A crash issue and some regressions have been fixed in this release.
The User Defined Language dialog has been improved - its height is reduced in this version.

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Notepad++ 6.7.1 released

auto-insert skipping character feature works for "" and '' now.
Several bugs of v6.7 are fixes in this version.

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