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printf ("Goodbye Dennis Ritchie");

#include  <stdio.h>

int  main (int  argc,   char  **argv)
        printf ("Goodbye Dennis Ritchie");
        return  0;


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Notepad++ version 5.9.4 released

Notepad++ v.5.9.4 is available here:

The version 5.9.4 contains 2 fixes of crash issue and one of the most wanted features - Project Manager.

As usual, please let me know if you find any critical issue in this release.


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Support Occupy Wall Street - Medias don't report it? Then we talk about it!

You may think it's unrelated with Notepad++. Well I confirm you that Notepad++ is part of the 99%.

Occupy Wall Street operation deserves more attention of people.
If the media of world wild refuses to report this operation (I wonder why), then we talk about it!
Follow their action on:

Please relay this message on your web/blog, of course if you are not part of the 1%.

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Notepad++ 5.9.4 Release Candidate

Please check v5.9.4 Release Candidate (zip package only).

Project Manager is one of the most wanted features. The implementation of this feature took longer then I thought, that explains the delay of this release. Even though I'm quite satisfied with the result, this feature still needs a lot of enhancements. However, here is the first draft included in version 5.9.4.

I've tried to make project panel interface user friendly, so the creation/modification of project should be quite intuitive. The tutorial of project manager will be done (hopefully) on

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Notepad++ 5.9.3 Release

Notepad++ v5.9.3 is available here:

2 new features added in this release.

To view the source code, in general, programers need more height space than width space. The vertical file swicher might be a remedy of the mainstream widescreen monitor. User can hide the tabs and manage the file swicher as sidebar. All of these are configurable in the preferences dialog (in General tab).

The Recent File List can be set in a submenu in this version and it is totally customizable. You can define your preference in Preference Dialog, under "New Document / Default Directory" tab.

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Notepad++ website - new look and feel

You have surely noticed the new website of Notepad++ while you get here.

Thanks to ECreate, Notepad++ website has its new look and feel.
By keeping the good features, one new neat functionality RSS feed is added in the site. That makes one more option to keep you informed about new releases.

I want to thank ECreate for its kind donation. As well I thank Brent and his team for all their efforts and the excellent result they brought.

Don't forget to click google's +1 button on the bottom of page, if you like the new site and the services that Notepad++ provides to you.

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Notepad++ 5.9.2 Release - fix a crash issue

The newest version is available to download: Notepad++ 5.9.2

A crash issue (under XP) of the clipboard history feature due to no data in clipboard is fixed in this version.

Some installer issues have been improved and fixed.

Please let me know if you find any serious bug in this release.

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Notepad++ 5.9.1 Release is available

Get Notepad++ 5.9.1!

3 features (which are useful to me) are added in this release: Character Insertion Panel, Clipboard History and Find characters in range feature.

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Happy April 1st: No donation to Scientology cult

That's the first April Fools' Day of Notepad++, sadly it hits its end.

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